What Our Clients Say

I asked Powell Technologies to build a computer network for Powell Companies. I told them to keep it simple, make it work everyday, and to only implement what Powell NEEDED! Today Powell Companies has one of the most cost effective and reliable networks you can find anywhere.

Jim Powell - Founder, Powell Companies

We have had the privilege to work with Powell Technologies for several years. They have always provided prompt, courteous, and professional service. We have been extremely impressed with their knowledge, the amount of time they spend determining the best product for our needs, the service they provide, and the length of service we get from the hardware with no issues.

Whitney Ball - Partner, Adams and Plucker, CPA's, PLLP

Transport Technologies, LLC and Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc. have used Powell Technologies to provide all of our computer, software, printer and support for several years. We enjoy a professional relationship and a unbelievable near-100 percent up time. Our past computer vendor would often spend all night trying to get our systems back up for business the next morning, and we have gone days without computers. However, that is not the case with Powell Technologies! Their knowledge and the use of virus protection, data backup, security appliances and up-scale equipment allow me to rest assured in knowing our systems are up and running 24/7. When Powell Technologies took over our computer systems management, it allowed me to concentrate on our business and it's growth.

Jeff Collins - Owner, Transport Technologies, LLC and Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc.

The company I use for tech support and computer service is Powell Technologies, based out of Johnson City. for 3 years. I buy all of our computers and servers from them and they do all of our setup, service, maintenance, etc. The thing that most impresses me about Powell is the speed at which they react to my problems. In March, I had a complete failure of my laptop which as you know is pretty devastating to someone who uses their PC all day every day. They had a spare running for me with the basics (email, office, network access, etc.) in about 2 hours and they took my laptop, had it repaired, and back in about a week. Since it had been less than 3 years since I bought it from them, this was all at no cost to me because of their 100% warranty for 3 years. They keep 'loaner' boxes in-house for just such emergencies and there is no cost to use them if your PC is under their warranty. They have always provided excellent service for me and bailed me out many tmies when users in the building have PC failures. Since I don't have time to do this stuff myself, I use them exclusively for all my PC, network, server, email, etc.

Jeff Tucker - Project Manager / Estimator, Acorn Electrical

The Who We Are Counts Institute is very pleased to have Powell Technologies providing our network solutions. The technical knowledge available from Powell Technologies, along with the guidance and progress reports at each step, is making our computer working environment easier and more reliable.

Jim Stewart - President and Founder, The Who We Are Counts Institute, LLC

Every business wants to find the line between what it spends on its IT solution and how well that solution will service that business. Powell Technologies has found and realized that line for Powell Companies. What's more, as they have already demonstrated, they can do the exact same thing for other businesses.

Gene Bailey - Professor, ETSU / Founder, Bailey Technologies

Powell Technologies' solutions are designed to enable a company to meet its business objective while optimizing the cost efficiency in the application of technology.

Richard Panek - CEO, State of Franklin Healthcare Associates