• Reliable Solutions

    Our services encompass the entire computer/data network needs of your business. We offer valuable service and support to help you achieve your unique business goals and objectives.

  • Quality Components

    - Dependable hardware and software
    - Coordinate purchase of quality equipment
    - Diagnose and test all hardware or software
    - Make it work the first time...guaranteed!

  • No Upfront Costs

    - Flexible scheduling for installations
    - No higher fees for after hour work
    - We help you NOT spend your money!

  • Dependable People

    Powell Technologies was formed from the IT Department of Powell Companies. Because of our roots, we know the importance of being a reputable company with the "Mark of Excellence and a Record of Success."

  • Value-added Services

    - Provide and discuss a plan for change
    - Designs that minimize disruption
    - Designs that minimize downtime
    - Provide training and support for your staff

Who are we?

Powell Technologies provides clients with the highest level of IT / computer network service and support possible, while maintaining our integrity as a business, the reliability of our services, and the efficiency of our results. We are located in Johnson City, TN and service the greater Tri Cities TN area.

Our company began in 1992 when Michael Powell took on the position of IT Director for Powell Companies, which currently consists of multiple offices in three states and employs over 500 individuals. At that time, there was no network to speak of. Soon thereafter, company president Jim Powell charged Mike with the task of creating one...with three simple, yet demanding stipulations:

  1. The company was going to decide what needs the network would meet.
  2. The network had to be up all the time, with no exception.
  3. The network had to be as simple and cost-effective as possible.

At the time, Mike thought these demands would prove to be extremely difficult to satisfy, but after several years of refinement, Mike developed a premier network solution that more than exceeded the company's expectations. For Powell Companies, the resulting network proved to be a profitable entity that serviced the very needs of the business.

After a decade of successful results, Mike began to perceive the need of other businesses in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region for such an answer. He, along with his associate Kristopher Ting, decided to offer this answer to other businesses in the community, so they formed Powell Networking Group. They later changed the company name to Powell Technologies, but their goals and mission remained the same...to provide their clients with the highest level of computer networking service and support, and to do so with integrity, reliability, and efficiency.

What do we believe?

It is our strong belief that computer networks must be built to work. They should work on day one and for every day thereafter. Every service that we provide to our clients is done in this context. We believe that the needs of your business define how your network is built. If your business does not need it, we do not do it.

This "keep it simple" methodology services the stability and long term cost effectiveness of our solutions. You should be in control of what is spent, when it is spent, and how it is spent. These are your decisions and you should make them. We serve only as a resource to help you find the stable, cost effective solutions you need to maintain and grow your business. When these decisions are made, you should feel that your money has been well spent and the product is a job well done!


"Rest Assured"

Transport Technologies, LLC and Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc. have used Powell Technologies to provide all of our computer, software, printer and support for several years. We enjoy a professional relationship and a unbelievable near-100 percent up time. Our past computer vendor would often spend all night trying to get our systems back up for business the next morning, and we have gone days without computers. However, that is not the case with Powell Technologies! Their knowledge and the use of virus protection, data backup, security appliances and up-scale equipment allow me to rest assured in knowing our systems are up and running 24/7. When Powell Technologies took over our computer systems management, it allowed me to concentrate on our business and it's growth.

Jeff Collins - Owner, Transport Technologies, LLC and Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc.